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Thank you for choosing us to satisfy your writing needs. You are highly advised to read this document thoroughly and understand our conditions prior using any of our services. If you do not agree with our exclusive conditions, please do not place an order.

Ordering any assignment on this website means that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.



“Website” means wehelpwithassignments.com
“You,” “Yours” or “Customer” means you or any other person
“Writer” means the person who has agreed to complete your assignment
“We,” “Our” or “Company” means wehelpwithassignments.com registered under the laws
“Order” means an electronic request paid for a particular product or service
“Quality Assurance Team” means a department working under the company’s organisational structure to deliver quality output.


Use Of Our Services

Our company has professional writers, editors, proofreaders, and researchers for the delivery of the finest assignment writing service.
The customer’s contract with us will be effective immediately when the payment is received, and the completed order is delivered.
Once the payment is received from you, our services will be liable to produce the customers with the standard quality as instructed.
Clients can file the complaints within seven days to us, if we fail to fulfil the client’s expectations.
Clients are recommended to view our refund policy before asking for the reimbursement.
The completed order will be delivered to the email address without any extra charges.
The company assures to assist its clients 24/7 with their skilled customer service representatives.
We agree to assign qualified and experienced writers to create authentic and genuine documents.
Any unauthorised use of the content of this website or delivered product can subject our clients to criminal or civil penalties.


Delivery Policy

wehelpwithassignments.com is responsible for providing an on-time delivery of ordered documents to its customers. In case, we fail to deliver the project on time, then the customer can ask for a refund. Our Quality Control Team will evaluate any such requests and will decide the complete or partial refund based on the severity of the scenario. Quality Control may also adjust the amount according to the delivery of your order and refund the additional amount. If a customer does not ask for a refund within 48 hours of delivery, it is considered as if the customer accepted the delivery. However, we may adjust the amount according to the delivery of your order and refund the additional amount. We produce the content according to the required specifications and standards. We do not promise a certain grade as it mostly depends on your marker’s standards, hence, simply out of our reach. However, we promise for the delivery of excellent quality contents to our customers as per the provided instructions and guidelines.


No Plagiarism

By agreeing to our conditions, you acknowledge that we reserve the right to cancel any contract, agreement, or arrangement, with any person who attempts to offer plagiarised products as the original.
You also agree not to reveal or share any product delivered by us to the third party.
You will not distribute our delivered product in any way for payment or other activities.
We reserve the right to refuse to carry out your work and services if we find that the client has used the delivered product in the form of plagiarism.
All the products we offer in the form of written materials should be used for reference or research purposes only.


Data Protection And Security

We will never reveal your personally identifiable information (PII) other than as needed to do by the legal agency. Please go to our privacy policy that can be easily found on our website. You can gather detailed knowledge of our policies regarding data security.
Please refer to the policies section to get more information about the security of information.



By placing an order, you acknowledge that you agree entirely with the above-stated points, as well as with the following points:
All information used from the provided paper must be cited appropriately.
All products we deliver should be used only as examples for reference or research. You must use to learn the techniques for writing a paper in a right format and the correct citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.).
No copies of the product will be distributed.
You agree to receive the latest information regarding offers or contests of the company. You can unsubscribe these updates as for when required.


Refund Policy

wehelpwithassignments.com is devoted to satisfying its customers and ensures that every customer of ours is receiving valuable services from us. For this cause, we have put together a refund policy to facilitate our clients in the procedure of the transaction. We give immense importance to our clients and value their right to satisfaction. We constantly strive to reduce our refund rate to an inconsiderable number.

However, in some cases where the client requests a refund, we advise him/her to read our policies carefully. Following are some of the instances in which you will be eligible to receive a refund.
a) Late Orders
The order was given past the deadline.
If we are late with the order and the client contacts us, but we are unable to deliver the paper; provided that the client not uses our essay paper, we will provide the client with a full refund or a store credit.
If we are late with the client`s order and the client does not contact us as his deadline is not of much importance to him and he still makes use of the custom paper, in this case, if the client asks for a refund, we will only refund the money based on the time difference.
b) Low- Quality Paper
Quality of the paper is not according to the standards required by the client.
If the client can prove that our writers have made use of copied content, in that case, the client has to give us at least a chance once for revision before he can opt for a refund. However, if he doesn’t have time left for his deadline, he can obtain a full refund or store credit.
If the quality of the paper does not meet the requirement, which the client has provided, based on the examination by the QAD (Quality Assurance Department), a refund percentage can be determined and communicated to the client.
Even after getting the revision, if the client is not satisfied with the result, our QA Team will analyse the paper and decide on a refund percentage accordingly.
In cases where the client receives the draft, and he approves it, the client owns the paper. In such cases, failure of the paper will not matter as the client was getting the draft and he should have checked the quality himself.
c) Non – Delivery
In case the client did not receive the completed paper.
If the client does not receive the completed document at all, plus the customer support does not reply to the client for 2 (two) whole business days, the client can request for a full refund or a store credit.
d) Wrong Charges
Any technical issue concerning the payments.
In cases where the client has been double charged or has been charged extra for any reason, we will give a full refund* or store credit option, whichever the client agrees on.
Additionally, we will ask the client to contact the payment company and resolve the issue, as sometimes due to an error on the payment company`s side the payment is deducted twice.

Amendments In Term Of Service

The company reserves the authority to change or modify these Terms and Conditions unilaterally.
We recommend that our clients keep an eye on any changes made to terms mentioned above on a regular basis.
We are liable to reflect the changes immediately on the web pages.